Quantcast 1 - 9. a. b. c. d. e. f. Figure 1-2. Diesel-Driven Centrifugal Pump, Major Components INLET AIR SOUND ENCLOSURE.  Provides  noise  reduction  and  directs  engine  intake  air  to  air  cleaner and flywheel fan. Contains hinged door which swings up to provide operator access to engine controls. OUTLET AIR SOUND ENCLOSURE.  Provides noise reduction and directs air out of sound enclosure. SOUND ENCLOSURE BRACKET.  Provides structural support for inlet and outlet sound enclosures. Mounts  to  frame. DIESEL ENGINE. Four-stroke, vertical cylinder, air-cooled diesel. Provides power necessary to drive the pump. CENTRIFUGAL PUMP.  Continuous duty, self-priming, 125 GPM at 50 ft of head. FRAME. Aluminum,  all  welded  construction.  Provides  for  easy  transportability  and  supports  engine  and pump. 1-5 LOCATION  AND  DESCRIPTION  OF  MAJOR  COMPONENTS

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